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A collection of fan fiction dedicated to t.v., films and shows that deal with characters from the military or police forces (with the occasional doctor thrown in to provide care for all those lumps and bumps our heroes have a habit of accumulating during their exploits).

The fiction here represents about thirty-five years of fandom activity, which I suppose some would regard as 'time wasting'. But down the years these fandoms have helped get me through some of the worst times in my life, as well as providing a pleasant distraction during the good.


Some of the fiction here is new (NCIS for example), while some dates back to the 70's. Sadly, my earliest offerings - The Monkees and Man from U.N.C.L.E. - failed to survive the mayhem of the 60's or several subsequent house moves, but I think I've more than made up for it in recent years.

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I plan on adding more fiction over the next few months, so please keep checking back to see what's new.
And don't forget - if you like what you read your feedback will be a great incentive to write more. You can find me at

From the 1st June 2009 all my new fics and updates will be cross-posted to my journal at DREAMWIDTH, under the name Percy Pickle. Click the photo below to take you there.

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