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The stories.....


Jacks Straws   FRAO
His emotions still raw after his undercover mission, Jack finds all is not as easily forgiven as he might have hoped.
It was a dark and stormy night... and who should come seeking shelter but one very bedraggled archeologist...
Hooked    FRAO
Please note - no fish were harmed during the writing of this story. A Colonel, maybe, but no fish.
Play the Game    FRM
On a mission off-world, Jack and Daniel come to a new understanding.
'Tis the Season    FRAO
They argue. They Make up. They dance. Much seasonal sappiness ensues.
Jack reminisces on Daniel's birthday.
The Gold Chain Series  (FRAO)
Healing Touch   A hot night and Jack can't sleep.
Truth Factor      Three days later and Daniel has gone missing.
Age Concern     Tag to brief candle
Down to Earth    FRT-13    Jack/Daniel (implied), Jack/Jacob (implied)
On one of the most important dsays of Jack's life he suddenly finds himself confronted by an old love in the corridors of the White House.
Salvage Operation    FRAO  Jack/Stan Kovacek
A homeless Jack finds comfort from an unexpected source.
Contemplations     FRAO   Jack/Teal'C
Missing tag to 'Demons'.
The Prince of Abydos Series      (Jack/Skarra)
Once upon a time a cynical, middle-aged Air Force Colonel named Jonathan 'Jack' O'Neill, went on a trip through the Stargate to a world called Abydos, where he met and fell in love with a beautiful youth named Skarra.
This is an AU, so the Skarra here is 17-18 years old, but since a year on Abydos is the equivalent of 18 moinths on Earth it can be argued that he is actually in his mid-twenties.
Miscellaneous Stories
Outsider    FRT
General Hammond considers the relationship between his two best men.

For those of you familiar with my old site, you will probably notice that my WIP 'Dark Side' is missing from these pages. I have left it off with the intention of re-writing the whole thing and actually getting it finished this time. I'll announce through the JackDanielites list if/when it makes any progress, and through my own Yahoo update list (follow the link on the 'Home' page)