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Javert and Valjean 
"Hush --" Valjean soothed. Taking the brush, he said softly, "If you will permit..." Without waiting for answer he began to smooth the long, silky strands, marvelling again at their softness and lingering shamelessly over the task.

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I stumbled across this picture by chance on a LiveJournal called The Javert Club The artist is called 'Flaus', but so far I have been unable to contact him/her, which means this picture is posted without permission. If anyone does know Flaus, or where I can contact him/her, could you please let me know at my Chapbat email.
I was very touched by the picture, which is exactly how I imagines the scene when I wrote it, so I would love to be able to return the compliment but properly acknowledging the artist.